Morning Feed: Wednesday, March 14

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here in the South, it’s another day in paradise. Sunny skies and a high of… wait for it… 81. Hello, first farmer’s tan of the year.

With the coming of spring, I like to curl up with my calendar and start goal-setting and making big horse-show plans. I circle dates, block out weekends and start clearing wall space for all of my new blue ribbons. “This is our year, buddy,” I whisper in my horse’s ear. “This is the year we hit the big-time.”

Will we actually hit the big-time? Magic 8 balls says: Reply hazy, try again. But still, it’s worth taking a moment to savor that bright, beautiful feeling of optimism that drapes over spring like a freshly laundered scrim sheet. It’s the time of the year when anything seems possible.

Where will this year take you? There’s no telling. The only thing that’s certain is the fact that you’re right here, right now, on this perfect spring day.

Go Riding.

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