Riding on the Radio: NPR shows horse sports some love

National Public Radio has featured not one, but two equestrian-themed stories this week as part of its “Countdown to the Olympics” series.

The first was a story yesterday on Hiroshi Hoketsu, a 70-year-old Japanese rider who earned a spot at the London Olympics for dressage. Hoketsu was 67 when he competed at the 2008 Games in Bejiing. Japanese officials are still deciding whether they’ll let him compete. You can listen to the full story and read the transcript here.

The second story was broadcast this morning and concerned itself with air travel for horses. The story was titled “How do you ship a horse to the London Olympics? Carefully, and via FedEx.” It featured an interview with Tim Dutta, whose¬† international horse transport company will be flying between 50 and 60 horses to London this summer. Read/listen here.

Thanks to Lorraine and Clint for the tips!

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