Morning Feed: Wednesday, March 7

Good morning, Eventing Nation! If this week were a coffin complex, right now you’d be sailing over the ditch. Emphasis on sailing “over,” not “into,” the ditch.

Photo: 2010 AECs, EN/Hannah Burnett

I’ll admit it: Sometimes I feel like I’m sailing straight into that proverbial ditch myself.

Yours truly illustrating where you don't want to end up. Photo: My buddy Kaitlyn.

The parallels between riding and life never cease to astound me. You want to manage a Wednesday the same way you ride the middle element of a coffin:

–If you had a little bit of a rough jump in (a.k.a. Monday and Tuesday stunk big-time), don’t panic. Just keep your leg on and your eyes up, staying focused on the task ahead of you.

–Assume a slightly defensive position. Wednesday is not the time to let down your guard and assume everything’s going to continue on autopilot.

–Be dedicated to your line; stick to your plans and goals.

–Grab mane if you need to.

Here, let’s watch Kim Severson and Tipperary Liadhnan show us how it’s done:

You got this one, kid. Go you, and Go Riding.

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