Morning Feed: Tues., March 6

Happy Super Tuesday, Horse Nation! If you live in an applicable state, don’t forget to stop by your nearest polling place and vote in the primaries: HN officially endorses George Morris for Republican presidential candidate and Jimmy Wofford for a run against Obama.

Really, I think either one of those guys would do a great job. The whole world would be on its best behavior if George Morris was at the helm–that man runs a tight ship. And, George is a classic presidential name.

On the other hand, Jimmy would easily sweep the popular vote and he’s a natural born leader.

Jimmy leading the public on a cross-country course walk at the 2010 WEGs. (Photo: HN)

And, have we mentioned lately that he’s a fan of Horse Nation?

I know, I know. I'm going to take this photo down from the top of the page soon. It's just that looking at it makes me so happy.

Go vote, and Go Riding.

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