Morning Feed: Monday, March 5

Good morning, Horse Nation! Apologies for the slight delay getting “Morning Feed” out–I was busy earlier prepping (i.e. guzzling coffee and slapping my face) for my big interview on the Horse Radio Network’s “Horses in the Morning” webcast.

I think it went alright. Hosts Glenn and Jamie are hilarious. I tried not to giggle too much (secret showbiz trick: whenever I think I’m going to start giggling uncontrollably, I start repeating this mantra in my head: “kittens with cancer, kittens with cancer” and it almost always intercepts the oncoming giggle fit). We talked about Horse Nation, I shared my upcoming competition plans (Rolex, the Olympics, and I haven’t really gotten past that) and then we debated the definition of “stripper heels.” All in all, I’d say it was a classy, articulate interview–I’m pretty sure I was spewing verbal rainbows all over the place, like so.

They invited me to come back on every Monday morning, so you’ll have to tune in for that next week.

Where to Listen: At or numerous affiliate websites via embedded flash player.  “Horses in the Morning” will be available immediately each day as a recorded podcast on the websites or through iTunes or Zune.

Thanks again, Glenn (even if you have bad taste in footwear) and my new BFF Jamie, for having me on the show. I’m looking forward to next week!

Go Riding.

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