Morning Feed: Friday, March 2

Happy Friday, Horse Nation! Welcome to the home stretch of the week, and good luck in your sprint toward the finish. I hope you’re feeling like Seabiscuit or Zenyatta, and not a horse like this…

…or this.

Photos: Red River Pak

As you near the finish line just keep kicking, and spank your bum if you need to. You can do it, you’re almost there, I believe in you.

Besides which, I KNOW you guys know how to win… because you won the “1 Month – 1,000 Reader Challenge”! A huge thanks to all of the readers, you know who you are, who begged, bribed and threatened friends and family¬†to “Like” us on Facebook. Shout-out, Alfred Equestrian Team! I knew we could do it. Horse Nation can do whatever it sets it mind to.

Here’s your prize!

Dubarry shopping spree!!!

Lifetime supply of Smartpaks!!!

Your choice of Amerigo jumping or dressage saddle, courtesy of World Equestrian Brands!!!

Yup, Imma gonna get those prizes in the mail to you straightaway, right after, uh, I have a little chat with our sponsors that may or may not involve me holding them at gunpoint.

Anyway, I’m super-proud of you guys, and between now and when the Horse Nation Prize Patrol shows up on your doorstep I’ve got another prize in store for you:

YouTube Horse Video Blowout Extravaganza!!!

That’s right–all weekend long, we’re going to be bringing you the best quality equestrian-themed entertainment YouTube has to offer.¬† It’s gonna make you laugh, it’s gonna make you cry, and it’s definitely going to derail any actually productive projects you might think you’re going to get accomplished. If you have any suggestions or special requests, send ’em my way: [email protected].

As for today, though, we’ve got some great stuff coming your way to help get you through to that 5 o’clock finish line.

Go Horse Nation, and Go Riding!

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