Welcome to Horse Nation, Dubarry!

Horse Nation is enormously excited to welcome Dubarry on board as our newest sponsor. You know Dubarry–maker of amazing boots, designer of stylish clothes, iconic brand that has been growing its reputation for over 70 years.

We’re grateful to Dubarry for their support and, as always, we encourage readers to support the brands that support us. Visit the Dubarry website to check out their latest footwear and clothing collections.

Here, we’ve put together an outfit for you–you can thank us later:

Dubarry's Yarrow tweed jacket

Over a Thyme shirt

With a Clover skirt

And you'll want to have a Skerritt jacket, just in case it rains

A pair of classic Galway boots, of course

And a matching Somerset shoulder-bag

... with a Stamford wallet inside

Thanks again, Dubarry!!

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