Video du Jour: Magic Tack

Today we’ve got a commercial for a company called Magic Tack that sells sparkly browbands, bling dog collars and lady jewelry. We love the product–we’re just not sure about their sales pitch.

Set to a gloomy, introspective soundtrack¬† with lyrics like “I’ll fake it through the day…”, the commercial features a gorgeous girl on a gorgeous European estate wearing gorgeous jewelry who seems kind of sullen about her gorgeous life. I can’t figure out what’s got her so down–all she has to do all day is sit around by the fire reading, occasionally pausing to pet her designer dogs or go down to the stable to jump a few rounds on one of her perfectly schooled horses. Plus, she owns the entire Magic Tack collection. (WANT! NEED! HAVE TO HAVE!) Yeah, we don’t feel that sorry for you.

Shout-out to Stacey Kimmel of Behind the Bit for somehow locating this amazing video and posting it to her blog.

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