Let’s Discuss: Rider fitness

Victoria Smith just re-joined her gym in the hope that a stronger core will improve her jumping position. What are some steps that you’ve taken (or thought about taking–we won’t judge!) to improve your own in-the-saddle fitness.

From Victoria:

This week, I started back to the gym: 1) to lose a few extra pounds I’ve packed on since my wedding last June 2) to get back into a bikini without feeling like a beached whale and 3) to strengthen my core in order to improve my jumping position, which my trainer believes tends to hold me back.

Rascal and I are currently schooling 2’3″ fences and some 2’6″ fences.  I really believe that strengthening my core will greatly improve my confidence with will therefore improve his confidence.  The first day back at the gym, I was working out with my best friend (who by the way was kicking my @**!) and I couldn’t stop talking about what exercises would help my riding.  After the fifth mention of how much this could help my riding position, I’m pretty sure she zoned out and started to ignore all of my horse ramblings.  Now I know, most of the Horse Nation out there has this problem: talking way too much about horses, while their friends get completely annoyed.  I believe HN columnist McKenna talked about this in “The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito“–she did a GREAT job explaining the difference between horsey people and non-horsey people, by the way.

My new riding goal will be reached by drinking wine instead of beer (Keep those horsey wine reviews coming! I mean, what equestrian would want to give up the alchy-hol?), working out regularly while still having enough time at the barn, eating healthier and in smaller portions, riding bareback as much as possible, and when I do saddle up, ride in two-point for at LEAST 10 minutes at a trot or canter.

What kind of exercises do ya’ll practice in order to keep your riding up to par?

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