EN Today: Helmet cam from Ballindenisk CIC***

We’re always in the mood for a swift vicarious cross-country ride over huge, terrifying fences. Here’s one from the Ballindenisk CIC***, which took place in Ireland this weekend.

From Visionaire:

Many thanks to Patricia Ryan for forwarding this to us!  Enjoy the video of Michael Ryan and Ballylynch Adventure as they tackle the CIC*** course at Ballindenisk.  Mike and Ballylynch Adventure finished in 8th place.

Ballindenisk CCI*** final scores:

1.  Oliver Townend — Arctic Mouse (43.6)

2.  Elizabeth Power — September Bliss (50.6)

3.  Tina Cook — Miners Frolic (54.5)

4.  Geoff Curran — The Jump Jet (55.4)

5.  Rodney Powell — Zinzan II (67.1)


CIC*** Results

1.  Camilla Speirs — Portersize Just A Jiff (44.1)

2.  Michael Ryan — Old Road  (51.5)

3.  Julian Stiller – Chapel Amble (54.0)

4.  Sarah Ennis — Sugar Brown Babe (57.4)

5.  Jayne Doherty — Ravenstar  (61.4)

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