Video du Jour: OTTB Flash Mob

Since Horse Nation has apparently been hijacked by OTTBs today, we’re just going to let them run with it, literally. Enjoy this video from Bits and Bytes Farm.

The posters of this video, Bits and Bytes Farm, offer the following explanation: “We were surprised by a Flash Mob of Thoroughbreds during a peaceful picnic. Our ex-race horses had been grazing quietly around the trailers when all of a sudden they gathered together and took off in a spontaneous turf race around the pond and back to the picnic. It was exciting to literally be in the middle of the race as it began without warning. The Thoroughbreds raced each other for the shear joy of running and then returned to the picnic as if nothing had happened and shared our picnic food like family pets.”

About Bits and Bytes Farm: The Mission of Bits & Bytes Farm is to promote the Thoroughbred race horse as a sport horse. We assist sellers (of Thoroughbred race horses for sale) to find buyers who have the ability to transition these horses to new careers. We offer assistance and guidance to make sure the horses we sell are successfully placed. Our Success Stories are proof that Thoroughbred ex-race horses make great sport horses and family members. Learn more at

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