EN Today: A couple updates from Meg

Sinead Halpin’s wondergroom Meg reports on a combined test at Longwood and their failed (but hilarious) attempts to take Olympic application mug shots.

From Meg:


Thought I would drop a quick line. Busier than ever here in Ocala. Today was a combined test at Longwood – they had divisions from BN through Advanced.  Some heavy hitters were out today getting in a little ring time with their top horses. Karl Slezak started the advanced division with his very shiny VDL Ulando.  Other big time ponies included Taterball, and a whole slew of Canadians including Riddle Master and Exponential. (complete list can be found here)

The new dressage ring is great –  Peter Gray was judging. The advanced and intermediate horses seemed to be scoring quite well.  Show jumping is always a good challenge at Longwood. Their grass ring is full of quality bright well decorated fences, and complete with one giant and ever so random moose. And Longwood, as usual, was very accommodating to those with scheduling conflicts and multiple rides.

The rain thankfully held out until we got back and had to ride the other 11 horses, and has since been thundering and monsooning. As you can tell, my tone is flat…like my hair.

This weekend is Pine Top, which we will not be going to – but good luck to everyone participating!!


* * * * * *


Photoshoot for Olympic Credentials –

And so the rain continues here in Ocala. After about 146 hours of sleep last night, I am feeling a bit more like my bubbly self. Seeing as how our tack would rather not take another soaking this morning, we have decided to delay riding until mid-morning and get ahead on our paperwork. First and foremost – completing the USOC registration.  A lot of normal data input…whats your birthday, whats your shoe size, what are your hobbies…(who has time for hobbies?? I mean I guess I like to read and drink wine…) Whose your daddy and where was he born  – that kind of information. But the most entertaining and awkward part of the process: PHOTO SUBMISSION. Here are a few from our SHE photoshoot this morning in our half bath.

And yes, I have toothpaste on my shirt.

Don’t Smile. Terrorists smile

1Smile 1.jpg      2Smile 2.jpg

 Don’t frown. Terrorists frown.

  3Frown 3.jpg      4Frown 4.jpg

Did you just get caught stalking the US Men’s Swim Team again?

5swim.jpg      6swim.jpg

Get out of the US Swim Teams Locker room.

7locker.jpg      8locker.jpg

  USA Dance Party!

9dance.jpg     10dance.jpg

I wonder which picture will make the final cut.

Anyways – that’s all for now – we are planning an adventure to Wellington on Sunday to get our show jump on with Lauren Hough and try out our skills in the big bad WEF arenas.  Next weekend is Rocking Horse III where yours truly will be dusting off her tall boots and eventing for the first time in a longgggg time.

Other exciting news, The Fork opened this week.  Make sure you get your completed entries in early – there will be lots of people competing for limited spots. The Fork is truly my favorite domestic event. And no, I don’t feel this way just because I work for Sinead. (People think we have pull at the Fork – especially the coffee lady that thinks I have any say whatsoever on which vendors are allowed. I will allow her to continue thinking this as I sip my free iced lattes.)

Off to get some soggy britches and prepare for my beginner novice domination next week. TA TA.


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