Morning Feed: ‘Fat’ Tuesday, February 21

Happy Fat Tuesday, Horse Nation! If you’re giving up something for Lent this year, today’s the day to indulge. What’s it going to be: Chocolate? Caffeine? Stirrups? You’ve only got a few short hours to decide and, upon deciding, get your fill of the soon-to-be-forbidden substance or activity.

A couple years ago, I decided to give up stirrups for Lent. There were a few exceptions worked into my pledge–I could have my stirrups back if I was jumping over 2’9″, galloping, in a lesson, at a horse show or schooling an unruly horse–but outside of those occasions, my stirrups collected dust on the shelf. Keep in mind, also, that I was riding between 3 and 5 horses a day.

It was painful, but it was totally worth it. My seat and “stickability” improved tremendously, and by Easter I could’ve crushed a small pony with my thighs. My horses didn’t even think about getting behind my leg.

So, Horse Nation, what are your thoughts? This year, I’m needing a little inspiration myself.

In the meantime, we’ve got at least a couple Mardi Gras/Louisiana themed stories coming your way, so stay tuned.

Go Riding!



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