Allowance, Whatever: 14-y/o wins $50K hunter class at WEF

Florida native Victoria Colvin edged out several top trainers and professionals to win the WCHR Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular this weekend.

Ali Smallpage over at EN did a spectacular job of recapping Colvin’s post-win interview, during which she explained, “She ‘didn’t feel any pressure’ and ‘[doesn’t] get nervous.’ As for how she felt after the win, ‘It was really cool.'”

Colvin said she went into the class expecting her horse, Way Cool, to have a rail because he was tired. But instead, she said afterwards, “I thought it was good.”

Good enough to beat out the 32 horse and rider combinations who qualified to compete in the class. She finished in 3rd place on a second horse, Inclusive.

No big deal.

[Jennifer Wood Media]

Photos: Used with permission from Sportfot.



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