Winner’s Circle:

Winning Caption:”Little Blackie tries his hand at the cultural phenomenon known as ‘The Chicken Dance.’ The chickens would prefer he try the Macarena.” -LK

As Thursday’s winner LK received a $50 gift card from SmartPak! Every Thursday Hahahorses will be giving away giftcards to the author of the winning caption. Enter this week for your chance to win!

Runners up:

“Fowl Play!” -KM

“You can do it!, Keep Flapping! We can fly, if we just believe!” -Tina C.

Hahahorses is an online horse humor site started by people who love horses and love laughing. Each weekday we post a new funny/interesting/weird photo somehow related to horse and our viewers submit captions and vote on their favorite. The caption with the highest number of votes wins! 

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