The latest episode in the greatest eventing video series of all time

I can guarantee you that most of the eventing community will spend at least one 6 minutes and 20 second period over the next few days glued to their computer.

They will be watching the latest HJ Hampton “Henny” XC helmet cam video, featuring the Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials in Ocala, Florida.  Like all of its predecessors, today’s Henny video is a must watch:


Greetings Horse Nation, my name is John, yes that John. I spend some of my time writing for Horse Nation’s sister site, Eventing Nation, and most of my time fervently answering the hundreds of emails we get each day asking if we are aware that Leslie Wylie is crazy. The answer is always the same–“aren’t we all?”

Henny, and his rider, Peter Atkins of Australia, took the eventing world by storm in 2010 with a series of helmet cam videos.  The videos showcased the best eventing courses in the US, but more importantly they showcased Peter’s exuberant love for Henny and Henny’s love for eventing.  Stay tuned to HN for many more helmet cam videos as well as coverage of Peter and Henny’s quest to compete for Australia at the Olympic Games in London this summer. I’ll leave you with the two most popular Henny videos of all time:

Rolex 2010 (50,000 views)

WEG 2010 (150,000 views)

Go Henny.

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