Your Turn: 20 questions every horse-show coach should be prepared to answer

HN Contributor Katy Groesbeck tells it like it is.


From Katy:

Let’s face it: as competitors, we all get a little manic. Sometimes, we need a bit of guidance and hand-holding to get us through the day. Here is a handy cheat-sheet for all instructors so they can be prepared to help their riders better survive enjoy their next show.

20. Where’s the closest ER?

19. Where’s the closest bathroom?

18.  Have you seen my dog/child/car keys?

17.  How do I hide the bill from my husband?

16.  How do I hide from my husband once he finds the bill?

15.  Where can I sell this nag?

14.  Where can I buy a better nag?

13.  Should I walk the course again?

12.  Which way do I turn at C?

11.  Can I borrow a _____?

10.  Where do I buy a _____?

9.    Do you think I’m ready?   Do I look ready?

8.    Where’s the first fence?

7.   Where’s the last fence?

6.    Where did I go off course?

5.    When should I get on?

4.    Do you think he needs a lunge?

3.    Did you bring any ibuprofen?

2.    Is it too late to scratch?

1.    Is it too early for a drink?

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