Morning Feed: Friday, Feb. 17

Rise and shine, Horse Nation! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s Friday. Hopefully, you have big plans for the weekend. If not, you can always come hang out with us. You have our address, and our doors are always open. We’re like one of those “safe places” you can always turn to when you need to be around people who are your kind of crazy.

Yesterday, McKenna wrote a column called “Gah, Nobody Gets Me.” It was about how her non-horsey friends and teachers are always giving her a hard time about being obsessed with something they don’t understand, like, at all. She says something to the effect of, “Explaining horses is like trying to explain why dunking your fries in a Wendy’s frosty is delish.”

Sometimes I find myself imagining what my life would be like without horses. I’d have all this free time–and money. Maybe I would hang out more with friends, maybe I’d start going to the movies, maybe I’d start a raging shoe collection, probably not, but who knows. Deep down, though, I know that I’d also be completely miserable.

Here at Horse Nation, we are never going to judge you for your equine addiction. We might make fun of you a little, but the comeback “takes one to know one” always applies. We don’t even care if you track mud inside. In fact, it’s our goal to enable your addiction with a steady stream of horsey news, commentary and ridiculousness.

Go Riding!

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