EN Today: An inspirational video for your Friday

If you’ve ever said “I can’t,” or felt like the odds were stacked up so high against you that there was no way to overcome them, you should watch this video. Then, go back and revise your thinking.

From Visionaire:

Let’s end the week on a good note, shall we? While stumbling around on YouTube earlier today, I came across a video of Lizzy Traband, a young girl born without her left hand. She’s quite the equestrian phenom, and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of her until now–I must be under a rock, as she frequently performs at Expos and even has her own Breyer model horse. Lizzy’s horsemanship and attitude is inspiring, and a good lesson for us all.


Here’s another one, unable to embed but worth clicking on the link: Horsemanship- YES I have 1 hand, I am 11 & I RIDE!!! bareback, bridleless, jumps LIZZY STYLE

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