Morning Feed: Wednesday, February 15

Happy hump day, Horse Nation! Man oh man, do we have some exciting stuff lined up for you today.

One of my favorite things about journalism is that it’s predicated on curiosity. Good stories get written, and subsequently read, because of somebody’s curiosity about an unfamiliar subject. First, it’s the writer–then it’s the reader.

HN’s team of contributors has, thus far, shown itself to be a very talented and extremely curious bunch of writers. I love when that manifests in an intriguing story pitch–you know it’s going to be a great read when the topic piques your interest before it’s even written.

One story I’ve been looking forward to for a while now is going to hit HN’s virtual press today: HN contributor Jennifer Ferrell’s interview with the gal in the SmartPak “Things Riders Say” videos. The story is even better than I imagined it, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the videos. And, case in point, it all started with one curious question: Who’s that girl?

Whether you’re a writer or not, life tends to be more interesting when you’ve got a bunch of question marks rattling around in your head. You’re never too old for the gift of childlike wonder.

Go Riding.

Photos: My very curious horse, Amadeus.

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