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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re loving Samantha Clark’s Eventing Nation interview with Ginny Rose, creator and owner of the Horsey Hotties dating website.

From Samanta:

There’s a quote from Whyte-Melville, “I freely admit that the best of my fun, I owe it to Horse and Hound” that used to grace the cover of every issue, and has now been moved to the first page, and I tend to agree, never more so than when I read a recent article about Horsey Hotties! To find out more, I spoke to website creator and owner Ginny Rose recently about the Horsey Hotties dating website she started, and the brand new smart phone app.
After leaving University at the end of 2008, Ginny combined competing her own couple of horses with odd jobs riding, grooming, and mucking out, as well as working behind a bar in a night-club, all the time searching for sponsors, and trying desperately to fund her eventing habit, and maintain something of a social life.
“Just because I live out in the sticks doesn’t mean I’m a boring, lonely-heart country girl which was kind of what all the singles sites at the time were like!”
Ginny set about learning how to create a website (her degree is in building surveying), did some research and launched Horsey Hotties at the start of 2009. It now numbers over 2,500 members around the world, of all ages, straight and gay.

At the end of that first year, on the urging of a friend,  Ginny took advantage of a temporary gap in her part-time jobs and her event horses being roughed off to spend a month in Newmarket riding out,

“I upped sticks and moved to Newmarket for four weeks and rode out for Clive Brittain, and I hadn’t got a clue at the time that he is the early bird of Newmarket, and pulls out at five o clock in the morning, so I had be there at half past four. My first real experience of sitting on a proper racehorse was of going up Warren Hill in the pitch black in December, not knowing where the hell the finish line was, so that was a shock to the system! I did last the four weeks though, came home for Christmas, and then started riding out for Lisa Williamson near home after the New Year.”

It was around this time that Ginny came to the decision to retire from competitive eventing as she had been doing it, and try to build a professional career in the racing industry. Ginny took a part-time job at Racing Welfare in Newmarket to get a foot in the door,  and now works  in the Fundraising and Communications Team.


Ginny on Master Step at the Novice Championships at Gatcombe

The Horsey Hotties  website sponsors flat jockey Laura Pike who contributes to the Hottie blog, and Ginny still owns her intermediate event horse, Master Step. By Master Imp and out of Delta Lion he’s distantly related to Eagle Lion,  “he’s bred in the blue”, and Amy Young will campaign him for Ginny this year, and they both have high (advanced) hopes for him. It was at Badminton with a friend that she got the idea for the new app for Horsey Hotties, 

“Basically it’s location based social networking – as you move around, the people closest to you will change on the ‘facewall’, and then you can instant message them, ‘wink’ at them, check out if they’re single, and most importantly for the equestrian lot you can choose your discipline so you can put racing, eventing or polo for example.”  From one member, “24 winks in 24 hours!! Thank you HorseyHotties.com”, and from another, “Just bagged my very own HorseyHottie. Great first date, he took me racing!”

iphone app.jpg

You don’t have to be interested in romance to use it – you can network for business or for purely social reasons – these are all options available when you fill out your profile, and the app is global.  Ginny took out a graduate loan for the app which at the moment is only available on iPhone, iTouch and iPad, but will be available on androids later this year. This is the first version and it’s only a few months old, so Ginny fully expects to tweak it and improve it as she goes along.

Ginny admits that she doesn’t have much free time these days and thrives on her work, although alas, in a crippling blow for her own site, she is still single herself!

“It’s a funny old thing because I don’t use it like that–it’s work! That’s just the way it is! I’ve got friends who’ve been on dates and it’s all been very good, but I’m still waiting for the marriage, that would be really nice!”

Ginny however, may find her heart pulled in another direction soon,

“I’m going to start volunteering at Darley Rehoming Rachehorses – I miss riding and that’s my love, schooling babies and training them to go eventing so I’m really looking forwarded to going up there as much I can this year to help re school the racehorses ready for new jobs. (I’m also secretly wondering if there’s a little eventing superstar hidden away!)”

Horsey Hotties is proud to bring together “horsey, country, and urban, foxy singles” and it’s a free app, so there’s no excuse at all not to join. Thank you to Ginny for her time and her wonderful website and app, and thank you for reading–Go hunting, dating and eventing and please let Ginny and EN know of all impending marriages.

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