Stable, er, Yard: A guide to speaking ‘horse’ in the UK

Jessie Widner, a Canadian college student who is currently spending a semester abroad in London, breaks down the language barrier.

From Jessie:

Going to my first day of work at a stable in London, I was a little worried that everything would be different. Would they muck out stalls differently? Feed differently? I quickly realized that stable management is basically the same across the ocean and my numerous years of experience as an equine waste technician more than qualified me for the job. As for the riding, good riding is good riding no matter where you are. There was, however, one thing that got me into some awkward moments—my use of familiar horsey terms versus theirs. Its nothing major of course, but for instance when I asked “How much do we bed them?” I was met with blank stares. I’ve decided to compile a little list of translation, in case any of you will be seeking a future horsey career in the U.K.

North America … U.K.

Stable/Barn = Yard

Hay Shed = Barn

Stall = Stable

Pick out = Skip Out

Arena = School/Mênage

It’s not that many, but trust me, knowing the difference between the stable and the barn can be quite important, especially when trying to make a good impression. Despite my initial confusion when being told to find a wheelbarrow in the barn I think things went well. Hopefully within the next six months I will become fluent in British horsespeak… I will leave you with one to decipher for yourselves. A note from my coach—“You’re sitting on your fanny, sit on your bum instead!”

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