Feeling inspired? Close your laptop and pack your bags

If this weekend’s travel stories left you itching for an adventure of your own, Laura Cox has a suggestion for you: Just do it. Equitrekking can help.

From Laura:

After reading about the adventures of my fellow Horse Nation pals, I realized I am without a doubt, the most boring equestrian vacationer ever! I think the “biggest” equine venture in my history of vacations was a one hour, guided beach walk on an Anglo Arabian named Legion. Yes, I’m that pathetic that I know the name and breed of the horse but can’t tell you what beach, or even the state we were in! So, I have made it my mission in life in the next few paragraphs, to encourage those of you as pitiable as me without a spectacular adventure to boast to your fellow comrades, to pack your boots and get trekking!

Equitrekking.com! That is our solution, you equestrian lackluster freaks like me. I first came across Equitrekking on Nashville Public Television (when you have to crunch pennies to fund your horse addiction habit, some things must be sacrificed, and my horse insists on his monthly pedicure, so no cable for me). Equitrekking is an equestrian travel show following host Darley Newman on expeditions around the globe. The Emmy winning show provides a glimpse into the pleasures to be had from the back of a horse. She has highlighted travels from the Great National Parks, Great American Ranches, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Jordan, Uruguay, Alaska, Spain, need I go on and many more.

Darley keeps a blog of her travels and shares them with us through the show’s website. Through her journey, Darley provides insight not only to the joys of venturing through the country sides, but also documents native foods, the culture, and places you can expect to stay during your visit of a chosen destination.

While it may seem like booking a trip to Turkey or Jordan may seem slightly, um, daunting, through Equitrekking, you can search featured destinations, find a place that interests you, and obtain all of the details for booking that luxurious vacation you so desperately want all in a few clicks (WOW, I sound like a commercial). I will go as far as saying this site is almost the Orbitz or Hotwire for equestrians. Whether you are looking to site-see in Tuscany, or take a few lessons at a magnificent riding center in New Zealand, the hardest part is going to be choosing where to go firsts. Now stop living vicariously through others and start experiencing great adventure for yourself.

For more information on the PBS show, Equitrekking, go to http://www.equitrekking.com/.

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