Morning Feed: Monday, February 13

Happy Monday, Horse Nation! Hope the weekend left you refreshed and feeling ready to take on the world.

Personally, I feel like smoosh. I’m sitting in the Detroit airport, waiting for a connecting flight home from the depraved, morally bankrupt city where I spent my weekend: Vegas.

I apologize for being out of touch–you probably assumed I was in jail or passed out in a drainage ditch or something. There just wasn’t that much in the way of horsey news in Vegas. The best advice I can give a horseperson visiting the city is, watch out for off-track betting. It can be really tempting, especially if you’ve been away from your horse for a couple days, to waltz in all cocky-like and put a lot of money down on a horse during the post parade while loudly quoting eventing legend Jimmy Wofford to all the bookies: “You can tell how a horse gallops by watching it walk.” What Jimmy Wofford should’ve said was, “You can tell how a horse gallops by watching it walk, unless you’re toasted and haven’t slept in 48 hours.” Now that would have been useful advice.

But, I digress.

We’ve got a great lineup of stories headed your way this week, so check back often.

All horses, all of the time. Go Riding.

Turn & Burn: McClain Ward on Sapphire at the World Cup Jumping Finals in Las Vegas in 2009.