McKenna Does Alaska: And ‘vaguely remembers’ it

Horse Nation’s 15-year-old wunderkind McKenna Oxenden hasn’t been on any exotic horse treks or overseas adventures, yet, but she did ride a horse in Alaska once.

From McKenna:

This is usually when I’d love to gush about that one trip when I went to Hawaii and got to ride on the beach or when I went to France I got an ancient tour by horseback, but no my friends, I am not here to talk about those trips because, well, they’ve never happened. The closest thing I have to France is getting a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield trying to get away with doing more than walking… so instead of discussing my “foreign voyages” we will be traveling back in time to 2007 when I was a horse crazed–wait I still am… OK, so the only difference is I was 10 at the time and now I’m 15.

So it all begins with two of my aunts establishing themselves in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. I was going for two weeks to visit the aunt and [British] uncle and the other aunt and uncle with three kids! You’re probably wondering how horses has a play in this… Well, I was insistent that I was not capable of going two whole weeks without horses. I’m sure when I finally put two and two together I got slightly upset–I mean, what was I to do with myself with no horses?!?

So off to Google my mom and I went, searching for a decent looking barn that I could have a couple lessons at while in Anchorage. We finally found a barn a barn that met our qualifications and rang them asking if it was a possibility to take a few lessons. I was bouncing up and down that my “drug usage” would not have to be limited just because I was flying across the U.S. of A. I arrived at the farm for my lesson and rode a mare–we focused on flatwork mainly. The people there were nice and I remember that they just had an equestrian center open up nearby that was going to hold events! I even vaguely remember her talking about someone who had to fly her horse to KY because of a big competition–I guess it was Young Riders? Oh, how you must love being an ignorant child! I’m sure I was peeing my pants that I was able to ride horses.

Have no fear, I did more than ride and dream about pretty pretty princess ponies and worry if Dorito was being good– I was a normal person and did do touristy things!! If you ever get the chance, Alaska is gorgeous!! And remember, sometimes bringing out the little kid in you can be a good thing!

Little McKenna & Little Dorito

McKenna with friends Kelsey & (17-hh) Marrakesh in 2008. Photo by Lori Brown.


Lead photo: Alaska Horse Journal

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