Travel: Giant, demonic horse sculpture at Denver Airport unnerves travelers

Opponents claim the 32-foot-tall, anatomically correct “Blue Mustang” with glowing red eyes is cursed.

The speculation is due in part to the fact that its creator, artist Luis Jiménez, was killed in 2006 when a section of the 9,000-lb. fiberglass sculpture fell on him during construction.

It’s also due to the fact that horse, which features glow-in-the-dark eyes and heavily-veined skin, just looks really creepy.

The controversial structure, erected in 2008, has inspired anti-“Blue Mustang” websites, a Facebook page and a poetry slam featuring 250 horse-themed haikus.

As one haiku writer put it:

Anxiously I fly
apocalyptic hell beast
fails to soothe my nerves.

Another wrote:

Big blue horse beckons
Fiery, red eyes glowering
Good bye one horse town.

The horse has also reignited suspicions among conspiracy theorists that there are secret bunkers or caverns beneath the airport terminals, possibly inhabited by aliens.


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