Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

This week’s “Nice save!” award goes to Risa Flamm. When her horse slips coming around a turn Risa looks like a goner, but instead she clings on for dear life.

Risa sends the following explanation:
Like many people in eventing I idolize Karen O’Connor. Everyone has seen the YouTube video of her incredible save on x-country. So, I had a similar experience during stadium when my EX-farrier forgot to drill my stud holes before an event. My horse slipped making the turn after fence 2. See my “save” in the photo series attached, captured by David McWhirter Photography. I somehow managed to hang on–my right stirrup did fall off, but I didn’t let that stop me. Flashback to my days at Boskeydell Pony Club summer camp: our instructor Mark O’Donoghue would have us do entire jump lessons without stirrups. I remember dreading the days you would walk into the arena and see Mark. You knew something like “OK, cross your stirrups in front of your saddle” or “knot your reins” was going to come out of his mouth. Looking back now I would like to say, “Thank you for what I then thought was torture! I now understand the rationale behind taking us out of our comfort zone.” So I finished the rest of the course with one stirrup and a newfound appreciation for all those stirrup-less jump lessons!

Photos used with permission from David McWhirter Photography.

Email photographic or video evidence of your darkest, most mortifying horse-related moments to [email protected], and be sure to include a brief explanation of what happened. (As always, if you’re using professional photos make sure that you have the photographer’s permission.)

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