Morning Feed: Friday, Feb. 9

Happy Friday! By the time you read this I’ll be on a flight to Las Vegas, hopefully indulging in my first vacation cocktail of the morning.

Of course, HN, I’m taking you with me. Sin City is the sort of place where you don’t have to go looking for trouble–trouble comes looking for you–and I knew I had to bring a horse pub that could hang. Who else would I take–The Chronicle of the Horse? Lightweight. Practical Horseman? Too… practical. Horse Illustrated can’t dance, Equus is a big dork and with Eventing Nation, geez, we’d wake up with a tiger in the bathtub. So, yeah, Horse Nation was pretty much the only option I had.

In addition to whatever semblance of journalism I manage to bring to the table this weekend (it IS my bachelorette party so be forewarned–things could get a little wild), we’ve got a great lineup of stories already in the hole, ready to go. The theme of the weekend is “Horsing Around the World, Literally,” and several writers have gone out of their way to take last-minute research trips to foreign countries just so you’d have something entertaining to read. We’ve got horse-themed travel stories coming to you from Zambia, Dubai, Singapore, Austria, Egypt, Alaska, Budapest, a weird little former Soviet country I’ve never heard of… so much globe-trotting excitement, you almost need a passport.

As for today, since we’re en route, our theme is “Getting Where You Want to Go.” Stay tuned and you’ll see what we mean!

Wherever you are in the world, Go Riding.



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