Morning Feed: Thursday, February 9

Wake-y wake-y!! Easy for me to say–it’s 1:30 a.m. and I’ve just downed an entire pot of coffee.

I said "coffee," not "caffeinated cereal." I am SO about to fire HN's new photo editor.

Anyway, if you like me on zero sleep and stimulants, you’ll LOVE me in Vegas. That’s right, Horse Nation is taking a field trip to Sin City this weekend. So there’s something to look forward to…

Seriously, man, where are you even getting these pictures?

Don’t pay attention to that guy–he’s new. So, back to what I was saying: Between now and HN’s Vegas Spectacular, we’ve got a great lineup of stories coming your way: some funny stuff, some serious stuff, some seriously funny stuff…

Gah, this one doesn't even have anything to DO with horses? Who hired you anyway? John? Did John hire you? (Photo:

Listen, I hate to cut this short but I’ve got to go deal with our new photo editor before he burns down our office or something.

Have an amazing day, stay tuned, and Go Riding.

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