We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

Rider sues after gift horse stomps her face; Pennsylvania party-buggy full of teenagers gets rear-ended in hit-and-run during midnight ride.

In Britain, a woman suing over “an accident in which her face was stomped on by a horse” took her case to the Court of Appeals, where she lost again. The accident occurred when the plaintiff was thrown from the horse during a test ride. The horse was being given away for free after having thrown its original owner. The lower court decision that the defendant could not be held liable was upheld on the grounds that by mounting a horse you are assuming responsibility of risk. [Horse Talk]

A buggy carrying five teenagers in Pennsylvania was the victim of a hit-and-run accident on Monday night. The buggy was rear-ended, injuring one passenger, and the driver fled the scene. The incident occurred at–wait for it–12:43 a.m. That’s what you get, kids, when you’re out cruising the drag in a horse-drawn party buggy in the middle of the night. [Horse Talk]



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