Hey, It’s the Weekend: Saturday, Feb. 4

Good Saturday morning Horse Nation! Hey/Hay… get it? I really crack myself up sometimes. I’m reporting to you live from Aiken, SC, temporary home for equestrian snowbirds from around the country.  U.S. eventing team training sessions continue here next week, Feb. 6-9, so if you’re in the vicinity you ought to stop by.

Me, I’m here for my first event of the season, Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials, and let me tell you, it’s not going to be pretty. Thanks to the fact that some new website has recently TAKEN OVER MY ENTIRE LIFE, I’m feeling a little under-prepared: My horse is covered in mud and cockleburs, my tack is disgusting and I don’t even know what dressage test I’m riding. Oh, and I haven’t ridden my horse or slept all week. But that’s OK, just giving the competition a little head start.

I hope you’re enjoying some horse-related fun this weekend as well. We’ve got some fun things lined up for the next couple days, including but not limited to a top-secret home video I just shot of a certain four-star rider–all I can tell you is that it involves footed panda pajamas, a couch-pillow one-stride and self-flagellation with a toothbrush crop.

Keep it real, Horse Nation.

Go riding.


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