Morning Feed: Friday, Feb. 3

Happy Friday, Horse Nation!! It’s been almost three days since our baby website launched, and so far, so good. The site still hasn’t crashed, I still haven’t cried and John still hasn’t fired me.

Have you ever thrown a party where nobody really came? Like, you cleaned your house and got a keg and called up all your buds, and then you ended up drinking half the keg yourself because your friends never showed? I mean, a few friends came, eventually, but then it was really awkward because they were expecting a “party” and all they got was a sad, tipsy hostess who’d already spent several hours playing Twister by herself.

That’s never happened to you? Oh. Well, anyway, that was kind of my dark, secret fear for this site–that we’d put all this hard work in and then people would be like, “Oh, I’m actually really into Pinterest right now, sorry.”

But, to my surprise and delight, the exact opposite has happened. Horse Nation, even though it’s only three days old, already feels to me like a big house-party–the good kind, with disco balls and a bouncy castle.

What I’m trying to say is, thank you so much for coming to our party. We threw it in your honor.

And now for those horse-shaped pinatas we promised:

Go riding.

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