The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: A young rider blog

Behold the inaugural post of 15-year-old HN blogger McKenna Oxenden. Not only does she know how to throw a “!” around, she had the chutzpah to make fun of John on her very first day.

From McKenna:

Bonjour mes amis! Yes, I am one of the few people on earth that speak French, so prepare yourself. (French 3, can I hear a woot woot?!!) My name is McKenna Oxenden and I am the newest member of Horse Nation! I have finally succeeded in my plot… John and Wylie better watch their backs, I may or may not be plotting their death so I can overtake EN, HN and SHN. I mean maybe I could spare Wylie but John doesn’t even have a girlfriend so what’s the point in saving him? Well, I have already revealed too much about my evil scheme so I guess I should really get on with what this post is about: ME!

Well, my name is McKenna. I have lots of nicknames, so pick one and I’ll go with it, trust me, there’s a lot to come up with when your last name is Oxenden (Oxen, Oxygen, Oxycontin… there’s a lot.) I live in Maryland and I’m a sophomore in high school. (2014 FTW!) My eyes are already perusing some colleges, and the University of Kentucky is a big interest of me–they have a great equine business management program which is what I’m shooting for.

Anyways, I ride and compete in Area 2 in the discipline of eventing, I have been eventing for 6 years and this summer I’m going into my 11th year of riding. I ride a 13.2-hand pony named Dorito Cooler Ranch but we call him Dorito. He is the best pony ever! I’ve been riding and eventing him for 6 years today! He was featured as USEA’s “horse” of the month in October. You would never know he is a little guy by the way he jumps, 4-ft easily! I currently compete at the novice level but am hoping to move up to training level sometime in the spring!! (fingers crossed I get my jumping all in check and balanced). XC is where both of us shine, what can I say–I love being out in the open and sporting my favorite color, blue!

I train with prelim eventer Ashley Beheler who owns and operates Tara Equestrian, LLC. I’ve been with her for 7 years. She’s a really awesome teacher and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her because she introduced me into eventing and has believed in me and Dorito from the start, when no one else did. This summer I’ll be leaving the nest as I have received an AMAZING opportunity to become a working student for successful CCI3* rider, Emily Beshear. I am super dooper excited! Kinda cool to think I’ll have my own apartment :O I have eventual goals of going to Young Riders in a few years hopefully and of course eventually competing at Rolex and winning GOLD at the Olympics!

Anyways, thanks to Wylie and John for this amazing opportunity! I’m glad someone can appreciate my writing *cough, cough all teachers.* So faithful readers, I’ll be back soon for my first real article!

P.S.: Check out this video called, “Can’t you see?” One of my best friends made it for me as part of my Christmas present. It pretty much describes me better than words. It shows how far I’ve come and shows my hopes and dreams!

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