EN Today: Meg’s Ocala update

Sinead Halpin’s right-hand girl Meg Kep shares her passion for cheese sandwiches, reviews the local bar and gets excited about the upcoming training sessions.

The full story from Eventing Nation:


So I would update you on results from Rocking Horse….but 1. Coren already beat me. And 2. I was too busy running back and forth from Slocala to Altoona with trailer-loads of ponies, dodging bears on state route 19 to notice who finished where.

I did notice however, a few people forgot their hair nets. Lots of long braids flowing in the wind cross country. Maybe this look is making a comeback?? Or maybe you better tuck in those tresses before they get caught on the bounce bank.

This week things start gettin’ crazy. US and Canadian training sessions take place beginning Wednesday. I love training sessions. We are all looking forward to seeing North America’s most exciting pairs for the first time in 2012. I also am excited for cheese sandwiches (hint hint Sarah Ike). I will make sure I take lots of pictures as soon as I get my EN issued state of the art long lens camera from John – due in the mail any day now. If I took anything from last years training sessions, it was a direct quote from CMP of which I look in the mirror every day and say to myself, “Ride like a Ty-ga.”

In after-hours news – a bar opened up down the street from HITS, of which of course we all must go to. Think: one overly excited DJ, one large chested bartender, a cute cocktail waiter named Rob, and some end-of-the-competition-weekend-tired show jumpers and event riders, grooms, parents, and working students sprinkled with a few Ocala locals – ages 18-60 awkwardly mingling and trying to talk about anything but horses, but usually end up discussing this round, or that sale horse, or did you see my new Pikeur coat?

In groom fitness news- Dana Cooke (Rebecca Howard’s right hand woman) and myself have recently committed to a boxing class at a gym down the street. She and I are currently typing on our computers, arms fatiguing and fingers trembling with every keystroke. But, we will be ripped.

That is all for now.


PS: Young Sarah had the day off yesterday and slept for its entirety. Just thought I would mention this impressive, yet slightly concerning teenage behavior. Sarah also is getting excited for CMPs return to Ocala (see photo above).

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