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Good winter breeches are hard to find. I’ve got a whole drawer full of ones that didn’t make the cut, either because they fit like diapers, they fit like compression tights, they were toasty but bulky, or they were too thin to do any good.

Only recently did I discover the winter breech of my wildest, snuggliest dreams: the Ker

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rits Sit Tight ‘N Warm Full Seat Breech.

Slipping into them is, I imagine, something like slipping into a pair of those pajamajeans they sell on late-night infomercials. They’re just the right amount of stretchy, with a soft, fleecy lining that is music to my cold, frozen bum. I personally am a big fan of the full-seat style, lined with a sticky Grip Tek material that keeps me glued to the tack when my horse is feeling frisky–I always say, I might fall off but my Kerrits won’t. They do the low-rise thing well, with a flat elastic waistband that dips down a bit in the front then sits higher in the back–don’t want to catch a draft! And the elements–rain, wind and snow–seem to roll right off of them. My only advice is to give the full-seaters a spin in the wash before you wear them because they can be a little squeaky at first. A knee patch style is also available. Colors include black and moka, and prices range from $110.95 (knee-patch) to $119.95 (full-seat).

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