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    By Wylie | 4,577 views

10 Really Mean April Fool’s Day Jokes to Play on Your Horse

Just imagine the shocked expression on your horse’s face when you tell him…

… “The feed store has discontinued grain.” []


… “We couldn’t afford to pay your board bill this month.” []


… “We’re taking up a new sport.” []


… “Meet Olaf, your new pasturemate.” []


… “Try one of these–they taste like apples.” []


… “Check out this new jump we got for the ring.” []


… “You’re going to love what we’ve done with your hair.” []


… “The tack store was out of fly masks so…” []


… “We bought a farm in Alaska.” []


Go Riding.


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There are 2 comments for this post

  1. arleneorlando says:

    Look whose here to see you, its Dr Pol, all the way from Michigan ,we Hire the only the Best………..

  2. cindy says:

    hey Arlene do you think doctor pol could help us in this fight , i love the pony in the snow looks like stormy my pony when i lived in wisconson. brrr

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