10 Totally Ridiculous Racehorse Names

Racehorse names — they run the gamut from terribly clever to just plain stupid. Here’s our top 10 list of ridiculous racehorse names.

1. Whykickamoocow — A valid question indeed.

2. Hoof Hearted — Say it three times fast and you’ll understand.

3. Bodacious Tatas — Why? WHY???

4. Doremifasollatido — I love “The Sound of Music” but really?

5. Haha Haha — I guess the owner had a good sense of humor.

6. Spineless Jellyfish — Perhaps the owner loved marine biology.

7. Full of Skittles — I sincerely hope not.

8. Red Hot Filly Pepper — This one was a QH, but it’s sort of awesome.

9. Sotally Tober — Points for creativity?

10. Arrrrr — which made for some truly hilarious announcing, as evidenced in the clip below.

My own Thoroughbreds are named Miss She Gone (a play on words for Miss Saigon) and VA Pipeline (no idea what that’s supposed to mean). What ridiculous racehorse names have you heard?

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30 thoughts on “10 Totally Ridiculous Racehorse Names

  1. Linda says:

    Bodacious ta-ta’s was my friend’s horse. Her mother’s name was “Coldasawitches”, lol!

  2. Deb B. says:

    Ohbabytalkdirtytome. Lovely mare, terrible name. BTW she was saved from slaughter.

  3. Celeste C says:

    My two are registered as “Silver Rake”, (really? seriously? what a stupid name!) and “Sometimes An Angel”, (which makes him sound like the rest of the time he’s a jerk, but actually he’s a lovely, affectionate gelding)

  4. rebecca says:

    My horse’s JC name was Dr. Googles Boogles… I got nothin on that one.

    We have another at the barn who was Anna Banana and Mom (the first part, ok, but what’s Mom got to do with it?).

  5. Lisa G says:

    Had a mare named Red Loves Greens. Her dam was Spinach. Guess they were from the salad bar line. Had another mare who had a normal name, not really odd, but her grand-sire was Big Booger. Ick.

  6. robin,w says:

    Mine’s Pastor Joel. Poor GUY!!!

  7. Pat Franz says:

    My race bred Quarter Horse is “Flow With Ease” which sounds a lot like a Midol commercial to me.

  8. 48north says:

    I’m still wondering what the heck Mine That Bird refers to. Anybody know, or is it just like the other odd names above?

  9. 48north says:

    When I mentioned Bodacious Ta-ta’s name to my partner, he said it sounded like a porn star. That’d be a hard one to live down.

  10. Kristen says:

    I just tried to “like” that comment as though we were on Facebook.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I’m the owner of an OTTB who was given the lovely JC name of Slimey Garfunkle. His barn name was Slimey when I got him from his trainer at the track. It’s since been changed to Simon.

  12. keeploki says:

    My Ottb’s sire’s name was WhyWhyWhy so my Ottb is appropriately named Too Many Whyz and his half-brother, owned by my trainer, is named Heza Whyz Guy. Not terrible names as race horse names go but kind of fun.

  13. kim says:

    Okay how about mare called Pasta sauce? and a standardbred called roadkillkitty? Dick’s Dragon (think about it!). A sire called Really I can and his offspring called I can really (I guess they had to think about that one long and hard!) And finally a lovely little filly who came with her mother to an equestrian centre I managed and the owner stopped paying for board so she was claimed under the cattlemans lien and was consequently named IG’s Inheritance.

  14. 48north says:

    Does a name like Dick’s Dragon makes you run faster. (Think about that one, too.)

  15. Pat Napier says:

    The owner was really wishing she had changed her horse’s name. I found out that name of the OTTB that had just about ripped off his front leg on a barb wire fence was Major Disaster! Fortunately he healed well and was rideable.

  16. californianinkansas says:

    Re: Silver Rake
    Back in Georgian and Regency-era Great Britain, the word “rake” meant a playboy, ladies’ man, charming love-’em-and-leave’em type of guy. So maybe whoever named your horse just really liked cheesy historical romance novels?

  17. Celeste says:

    Wish the dummy that bred him was that smart, but I’ve come to find out he’s not the most reputable breeder :( It’s a lame combination of his sire (Rakeen, a decent truf stud) and dam (Oho’s Silver, who I can’t seem to find much info on). That’s cool to know though! At least then I can pretend like he’s a pimp, lol. I show him under the name “Rakeen In The Silver” instead.

  18. californianinkansas says:

    There is a top-quality, charismatic, talented Arabian stallion named *Pogrom. IIRC, his is imported from Poland; I think still owned by the Polish State Stud. There is a lot of controversy on the arabian boards about the name.

  19. californianinkansas says:

    *he is, not his is.

  20. megan says:

    i saw a horse on canter once named ‘purple nurple’

  21. Kelly says:

    Loved a race horse named “Snort Snort!”

  22. Chelsea says:

    Saw a horse on canter the other day named “LovetoFinishFirst.” Sounds like a great name for a racehorse, until you think about it… then it’s awkward…

  23. Alexis says:

    I have a Appendix Quarter Horse named Tag This Merchandise. His sires sire had the interesting name of Mr. Rusty Zipper.

  24. Deanta Sauron says:

    My OTTB was “Gentababe” on the track. It’s weird because he’s a guy.

  25. Dean says:

    I want to name a horse, there’s a oldish guy in my local pub. fucking hilarious also likes a bet now and then. we call him Paddy two sticks paddy because his name is Patrick and he is also Irish, he also uses two walking sticks. So I was thinking.Paddytwosticks or Padytwostix

  26. I knew a school horse named Please Me Till Dawn. The trainers just called her Dawn so as not to corrupt the young students. Great little mare she was.

  27. Eventing has some great horse names too. Recent stars included Catch That Turtle and Attention Shoppers.

  28. Ray says:

    The Daily Racing form is a great source for funny interesting Horse Names.

  29. Ray says:

    its not ridiculous But its a great one Recently Looking through the Daily racing form I seen , a Horse named Echos cutie pie. so since I play Guitar & want to use a delay pedal on a song I chose that for the song title, it just sounds Cute.

  30. Allison Sharkey says:

    Its not funny…. but my OTTB’s name is Cautious Venture… not sure thats the best name you want for a racehorse but whatever!

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