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    By Wylie | 13,270 views

'Japan World Cup 3': The most ridiculous horse racing video game EVER

Sometimes the best things in life just make no sense whatsoever.

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Forget everything you know about horses, racing and video games. Japan World Cup 3 takes all three to a new level, challenging players to bet on horses (using that term loosely) in a race that is unpredictable at best…


…bad acid trip-esque at worst…


…and totally worth a watch.



Check out this sample video excerpt from a race:


An entertaining (and NSFW-rated) review of the game by Achievement Hunter has been circulating around the Internet this week. “I'm going to go to Japan one day,” one of the reviewers says, “and if the actual horse races aren't like that I'm going to be disappointed.”


Me too.

Play the game here, if you dare.

Go Riding.


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