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10 Photos of Presidents and Horses

Throughout history, many U.S. presidents have enjoyed an intimate relationship with horses. In honor of President’s Day, here’s a look at presidents and their horses.

Top photo: Bill Clinton [Horse Country Chic]

U_S_-Grants-Horse-22Ulysses S. Grant [Horse Country Chic]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Horse Country Chic]

theodore-roosevelt-horseTheodore Roosevelt [Horse Country Chic]

Untitled-1Calvin Coolidge [University of New Orleans]

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 2.10.32 PMWarren Harding [Miller Center]

taft-and-strong-horseWilliam Howard Taft [Horse Nation]

jk_horseJohn F. Kennedy [Horse Country Chic]

LBJ-HorsebackLyndon B. Johnson [Horseback Magazine]

469px-Photograph_of_President_Reagan_riding_his_horse_-El_Alamein-_at_Rancho_Del_Cielo_-_NARA_-_198562Ronald Reagan [Wikimedia Commons]

Go President’s Day.

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