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11 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

  1. Linda K. says:

    I think the horse-sized duck would be my choice because I could escape into places that would be too small for it to fit through. One hundred duck-sized horses, while cute to watch from a distance, would be horrible to defend against — just too many of them and too many potential tricks they could pull. I mean, what if they all farted at once? Devastating.

  2. wylie says:

    “What if they all farted at once?” Hahahaha…. I hadn’t even thought of that!

  3. Sal says:

    African or European Duck?
    and what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen duck?

  4. wylie says:

    Very good, very important questions. I’ll do some research.

  5. voomies says:

    Horse sized duckie. :)

  6. Celeste C says:

    Definitely 100 duck sized horses! All it would take to change them to 100 little minions would be a scoop of sweet feed scattered on the ground! Mwahahaha :)

  7. evntr says:

    Mmmm, sweet-feed. Good idea. Could it be a miniature-horse sized duck? Could you tame and then ride the duck?

  8. Evie says:

    Since they’re both herbivores…why would you be fighting them?

  9. chirs says:

    If you thought about it from a scientific perspective, the duck sized horse wouldn’t be able to support it’s self as all its bones are “hollow.” It would just collapse into itself as it would not be able to support its own weight. If you took a horse and shrunk it down to duck size, they wouldn’t be able to do much. Their bones would be so dense they would just be little duck horse blobs. They would not be able to move. I think I would take the duck sized horse blobs as they wouldn’t be able to move very quickly and I’d take 100 little horses over one big duck any day!

  10. Christian says:

    I think it would be pretty easy to get 100 duck sized horses to accidentally injure themselves.

  11. wylie says:

    I love how much thought you guys put into this!!!! LOL

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